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Looking for help with acne and acne scarring? At Medix Skincare in South Yarra we have achieve excellent results for acne and acne scar removal with a combination of medical peels, laser treatment for acne scars, RF micro-needling, and home care products. While acne and breakouts is not easy to treat due to the involvement of both bacteria and hormones, by using different modalities such as laser for acne blemishes and other treatments, we can achieve optimum results.

What is acne?

Before finding out how to get rid of acne scars and active acne, it’s important to understand exactly what acne is. When sebum from the skin’s sebaceous glands plugs the openings of the hair follicles, this can result in blackheads or whiteheads. If the plug causes the wall of the follicle to split, the oil, dead skin cells and bacteria normally found on the surface of the skin can penetrate the skin, causing eruptions on the skin surface known as spots or pimples. In severe cases, painful cysts can form under the skin which becomes inflamed or infected. Over time, acne can leave unsightly scars. Fortunately, it’s possible for these scars to be removed using a suitable acne scarring treatment. Read more about how acne scars develop

What is the best treatment for acne?

If you’re wondering how to get rid of pimple scars or active acne, the answer will depend on a number of factors. We can use the following active acne and acne scar treatment options:

UltraPlus VPL laser treatment

At Medix Skincare & Laser Clinic South Yarra, we use the latest UltraPlus VPL laser technology for active acne to destroy the P-Acne bacteria that causes acne. VPL Laser has been clinically proven to reduce acne and acne scarring . Using variable pulsed light, this laser treatment for acne, combines anti-inflammatory action with antibacterial effects to provide safe and effective treatment for all skin types and ages. A course of 4-6 VPL laser treatments for acne can significantly reduce acne while working to improve your skin texture and boost collagen production.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are designed to remove dead skin cells and clean out clogged pores, reducing inflammation in the deeper layers of the skin and minimising the amount of oil in the pores. Different types of medical peels can be used to remove acne as well as acne scarring. At Medix Skincare & Laser Clinic, we use a combination of lactic and salicylic acid peels depending on your skin type and acne condition. This treatment for acne scars and active acne can be performed in less than 30 minutes. A course of 4-6 chemical peel treatments for acne will significantly reduce acne inflammation and improve your skin texture and acne scarring.

Radio-frequency micro-needling

Radio-frequency micro-needling is a new technology that can remove acne lesions, smooth away scars, and generally improve the appearance and vitality of your skin. Instead of applying heat to the skin surface, like an acne laser treatment in Melbourne, RF energy penetrates deeply into the dermis, using tiny insulated gold needles to carry the energy directly into the lower skin layers. This has a bulk heating effect on the dermis without heating the epidermis. The heat seems to destroy the P-Acne bacteria and inhibit the sebaceous glands activity, reducing sebum production and improving inflammatory acne lesions. The insertions of tiny needles also stimulate a wound healing response that increases fibroblast production, which works with the collagen and elastin to reduce the appearance of acne scars, surgery scars and stretch marks.

It’s important to know that the above acne and acne scarring treatment options alone will not keep your skin clear. In addition to using the best acne treatment that’s suited to your skin, you’ll also need to treat your skin daily at home with the proper skin care products to prevent new plugs from forming in your pores. Once your skin is looking clearer, you may want to get maintenance treatments (every 1 to 2 months) in addition to your customised daily skin care regimen to keep your acne under control. Read More

How many acne treatments are recommended?

The type and the number of treatments will depend on your skin type and the grade of your acne. This is because everyone’s skin is different and responses can vary from person to person. you can book a complimentary skin consultation to discuss your treatment options for active acne and acne scar removal in more detail.

What should I do before and after acne treatment?

  • Avoid direct sun exposure, spray tanning or sun beds for 6 weeks before and after our laser acne scar treatment in Melbourne. If you will be exposed to the sun, a high SPF sunscreen should be applied.
  • Avoid waxing, peeling or any kind of skin resurfacing for 2 to 3 weeks before and after the treatment.
  • Don’t do any heavy or sweaty workouts within 24 hours of the treatment.
  • Don’t apply any make-up to the treated area until swelling and discomfort are resolved.
  • Don’t have a hot shower for 24 hours after the treatment. Treated areas should be cared for by gentle washing with proper cleanser and water without scrubbing or rubbing.
  • Don’t scratch or pick the area, as this can cause scars.

Does acne treatment have any side effects?

Redness of the skin is to be expected after laser and radio frequency needling acne scar removal treatments. Immediately following your treatment, you may feel a little sunburnt and the treated area may be red for a few hours. Clients with darker skin may notice the skin is darker after the treatment. This will gradually lighten over a period of about two weeks. Male beards are likely to lose hair at the same time as the acne is treated. Some clients may experience swelling, but this goes away within a few days of the laser treatment for acne scars. Applying a cool compress immediately after your treatment can help to relieve any swelling or discomfort. Using a cooling gel such as aloe vera can help, but don’t use anti-inflammatory products, as these can interfere with the treatment. Application of antioxidants, vitamin A and E creams can increase your treatment results.

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