Cosmetic eyebrow tattooing/microblading - Bentleigh, melbourne

Our eyebrows draw people’s gaze to our eyes – they are the framework of our face. And we all know how embarrassing it is when those eyebrows threaten to disappear during swimming, sport, or any heart-pumping exercise where we need to wipe our brows. Finally, with cosmetic tattooing and permanent makeup, it’s safe to wipe the sweat away, without fearing the loss of our eyebrows.

Eyebrows dramatically change the face. They can enhance its symmetry and shape, and make us look years younger. This is why cosmetic tattooing of eyebrows is often called an instant face-lift. On the flip side, poorly structured, shaped our coloured eyebrows can age our appearance, and draw unwanted attention.

Our eyebrow’s colour and shape are especially important to the overall facial appearance. Medix Skincare offers the latest cosmetic eyebrow tattooing process, hair stroke style eyebrows, also known as feather touch. We also offer powder fill style, a classic cosmetic process that is perfectly tailored to suit and complement your face. Lastly, we offer the combination method.

People who suffer from thin, over-plucked eyebrows or medical conditions such as Alopecia will be amazed at how fantastically natural their new eyebrows will look.

What is cosmetic tattooing/microblading?

Cosmetic tattooing, permanent makeup, and semi-permanent makeup have been around for centuries. Its history can be traced back as far as 8000BC, when natural substances, acting as pigments, were inserted into the skin with thorn or bone needles to create patterns on the face, or to enhance the face’s natural features. This ancient art of tattooing is the basis of modern cosmetic tattooing, though today’s methods are far more sophisticated.
Today, we apply permanent makeup using pen-style machines or hand tools to implant pigments into the dermis layer of the skin, achieving different designs such as eyeliner, lip liner, and eyebrows. The permanent makeup eyebrow procedure offers fullness and definition to eyebrows, and it can extend from a few strokes to fill gaps, right up to total brown reconstruction. No matter what style of cosmetically tattooed brow you opt for, you will be freed from ever having to worry about how your eyebrows are looking again.

Feather touch/hair stroke

The hair stroke method offers a life-like brow to rival any cat-walk model. Using a tattoo needle, this method implants numerous hair-like lines of pigment. This process is designed to mimic our own eyebrows and is perfect for men and women who have some hair coverage yet need to fill in hairless areas. For those who do not like the appearance of solid shading, this is a great option.

This newer method does not last as long as the traditional powder brow technique, however, because the colours are not embedded as deeply. This makes it a slightly higher maintenance option, as it usually requires more frequent touch-ups. To improve the longevity of the final results, we recommend that clients opt for a shade darker than they normally would, as the pigment becomes lighter over time, as it is more exposed to light by being closer to the surface.

In older or sun-damaged skin, the hair strokes may not remain as well-defined as in younger skin. So we recommend the powder fill, or combination option, for mature clients for the most satisfying outcomes.

Powder brow/powder finish

The more traditional method of cosmetic tattooing, powder fill, is an effect created by hundreds of small dots of colour, implanted into the skin using a machine similar to a tattoo pen. This method slowly builds colour and defines the shape of the brow. The pigment usually lasts longer when applied this way, as it rests more deeply in the skin, so is less prone to fading from the sun. While some people may be concerned that this method appears less natural, due to its defined appearance, this style is ideal for people who regularly use pencil or powder on their brows.

Combo/combination brow

The combination brow, as the name suggests, combines the two methods above to achieve the natural appearance of the feather stroke style and the durability of the powder fill method. The combination brow treatment starts with a powder fill treatment in a lighter pigment, then four to six weeks later, it is followed by a darker application of hair strokes on top.

The combination brow is an excellent way to get that natural look, while also achieving great definition and longevity.

What happens during cosmetic eyebrow tattooing?

We begin with a comprehensive consultation, ensuring that you are aware of all aspects of the procedure, including what to expect and how to take care of your new brows after the procedure. This is when we discuss your preferences, and you can show us image examples of the type of brow you’re aiming for.
When planning your look, we take into account your bone structure, existing brows and the contours of your face, as these are crucial considerations to ensure a natural look. Then we take photos of your current eyebrows, and once you have decided on your final shape, we will take photos of the ‘drawn brows’, before beginning.

The procedure will be conducted using sterile state-of-the-art equipment and safety approved colours. First, a numbing cream will be applied to ensure there is no discomfort throughout the process. Once the cream has taken effect, we clean the skin then begin to implant the pigment.

The procedure may take from one hour to one and a half hours, depending on the colour and size of the area, and the method used. The experience of the tattooing may feel like a tickling or scratching sensation, however, the anaesthetic will make this short-lived.

As we progress, we will check in with you to make sure you are happy with how your eyebrows are shaping up.

When the procedure is completed, we will photograph the result. We will apply an antibiotic ointment and provide you with further aftercare instructions. We recommend a follow-up appointment 4-6 weeks after the initial procedure so that we can check the shape and colour of your eyebrows, and take care of any alterations.

Are there any contraindications for cosmetic eyebrow tattooing/micropigmentation?

  • Pregnancy or breast-feeding in the first few months
  • Heart disorder
  • Auto immune diseases
  • Type I diabetic
  • Skin cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Allergies
  • Keloid and hypertrophic scarring
  • Taking blood thinning medication
  • Cold sore or fever blister without premedication
  • Taking photosensitising drugs
  • Any injectable or fillers in last 7 days
  • Facial peels or waxing within 7 to 14 days

What would I expect after cosmetic tattooing treatment?

If you have ever gotten a tattoo, you will know what to expect following cosmetic tattooing. Your skin will heal like a graze, in a similar time frame. Full aftercare instructions will be provided on the day of your procedure, so you know exactly what to expect in the coming weeks.

The colour will appear 20-40% darker immediately after the procedure. The treated area might be slightly red and swollen, which is completely normal. As your skin heals, the swelling will go away and the colour will lighten to the desired shade.

After about day 3, your eyebrows may start to itch and will look fuller. Shortly after this, exfoliation will start and your skin will peel, causing the excess pigment to flake away and the desired colour shade will start appearing.

After the first treatment, some people may experience patchiness and loss of colour since, during the healing process, the skin may naturally reject the pigment. This can be fixed in the follow-up treatment.

What should I do after eyebrow tattooing/micro-pigmentation?

  • It is helpful to hold a cool towel or cold pack on the area several times after the procedure. Hold the compress for 2-3 minutes every 10 minutes, for a few hours on the day after the treatment.
  • Lightly apply the aftercare cream 4 times a day for up to a week. Before applying the cream each time, clean the area with a clean cotton pad to ensure all previous cream is removed.
  • It is normal for your eyebrows to weep a clear fluid during the day following your treatment. Do not be alarmed. Wipe them gently to remove the fluid and apply your aftercare cream, to avoid a scab building up.
  • Please remember: do not apply anything to the area until it is completely healed. This means no soap or cleansers, no makeup, nothing. This especially includes Retin-A, bleaching creams, glycolic acids, fruit acids or AHA creams.
  • Avoid strenuous activity for a few days after treatment, as it irritates the treated area.
  • Avoid heat, such as hot showers, saunas, and sweating until your skin is healed.
  • Also avoid swimming in salt or chlorine water for two weeks, as this can affect the colour bonding process.
  • It is totally normal to want to scratch the area, and it will feel itchy, but avoid the urge. If a scab does build up, the usual rules apply – do no pick at it! This will cause loss of colour, potential scarring, and a delay in healing.
  • Avoid touching the area at all, because this could allow bacteria to enter and cause infection.
  • Do not go out in direct sun or use tanning beds while your brows are healing. When the area is healed, apply sunscreen when exposing to the sun to prevent fading.
  • It is also advisable to avoid any type of light-based treatments such as laser hair removal and photo-facial on the area, as the pigment will attract the light and may cause the skin to burn.
  • The final result will appear about six weeks after your first procedure, and this is when your first touch up session should be arranged – no earlier.
  • If you are planning an MRI scan, please inform your practitioner that you have had permanent cosmetic makeup.
  • You will not be able to give blood for six months after your procedure, so please inform the National Blood Service of your procedure and date, if you want to give blood.

It is important to remember that this procedure is not fully permanent and that pigment fading will occur over time, and premature fading can occur if the above instructions are not followed. To keep the pigment colour looking fresh, you will be invited back annually for a refreshment procedure, at a client loyalty rate.

Are there any side effects for cosmetic tattooing treatment?

The body naturally reacts to foreign substances, so the skin may be irritated after the treatment, but this is normal and nothing to be concerned about. During our initial consultations, we will make sure to check whether you are at risk of any serious side effects, based on your history.

People rarely have allergic reactions to tattoo pigments, however, this can happen, and when it does the pigments should be removed.

People who are prone to keloid are at risk of keloid formation from a tattoo, especially from tattoo removal treatments.

Is cosmetic tattooing/permanent makeup right for me?

Cosmetic tattooing is an excellent solution for those who regularly pencil their eyebrows, and are seeking a semi-permanent, easy to maintain and natural solution. Call us on 9686 0003 today to chat about the options available, or book a consultation with one of our staffs for more information.