Multi-Bio-active Mela-Prep Lotion contains a combination of expert ingredients that assist in improving the appearance of uneven skin tone. It can also heal visible sun damage, leaving the skin looking brighter and more evenly toned. Mela-Prep Lotion nourishes the skin with water-soluble ingredients. These inhibit the production of melanin and maintain the skin’s natural acid mantle. You can either use it on a pigmented area or as a whole face & neck solution for extensive uneven skin tone. Multi-Bio-active Mela-Prep Lotion is ideal to use in combination with Environ‘s Mela-Fade Serum System. We recommend for those with visible signs of pigmentation, dark patches, and sun-damaged skin.

  • To use this lotion, we do recommend you read the following notes in case to get the best possible effects and results of this Bio-active lotion on your skin:
  1. Pre-cleanse, cleanse, and tone your skin with your preferred products
  2. First, apply Mela-Prep Lotion on affected areas using your fingertips or on the entire face and neck, allow to dry.
  3. Then, mix equal amounts of Serum A and Serum B in the palm of your hand, gently massage on the pigmented areas.
  4. Finally, apply Intense C-Boost to the full face (if the damage is extensive). Also on the pigmented areas (if the damage is localized).
  5. Follow with your moisturizer.
  6. Use morning and evening.
  7. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen in the morning.
  • Special ingredients have been selected to work in combination to assist in improving the appearance of uneven skin tone
  • Leaves the skin looking fresh with a renewed radiance
  • Helps clarify the appearance of sun-damaged skin

It is suitable for all skin types especially the types having pigmentation and we consider it helpful for both men and women.

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