Aspect Dr AHA BHA Cleanser is a gentle, yet deep cleanser with a luxurious foaming action, that improves the appearance of skin tone and texture, leaving the skin feeling smooth, invigorated, and simply glowing. Lactic Acid helps to gently resurface the skin, whilst promoting epidermal hydration via its ability to attract and lock moisture into your skin’s upper layers. Salicylic Acid helps purge impurities and detoxify clogged pores, whilst Aloe Vera assists with soothing, calming, and refreshing the skin. Canadian Willowherb extract delivers detoxifying properties to purify congested skin types, provide potent antioxidant protection, and help calm the skin.
Suitable for normal to oily skin types. Recommended for oily and congested skin, hyper-pigmented, and sun-damaged skin.

*Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women and one who is allergic to aspirin.

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