At Medix Skincare & Laser Clinic, we offer the highest standard in medical-grade VPL hair removal system in Melbourne. Laser Hair Removal is a fast, safe and gentle procedure to remove unwanted hair permanently. The light used is either in the form of Laser or Intense Pulse light (IPL).

IPL/VPL vs Laser

Fundamentally, IPL and laser rely on the selective energy absorption of the melanin in the hair follicle. IPL uses a broad spectrum of high-intensity light which has multiple wavelengths that can be optimised for maximum melanin absorption, whereas laser emits a single, specific and focused wavelength. Additionally, individual light pulses in IPL have a specific duration, intensity, and distribution allowing for a controlled and confined energy delivery into the skin, without damaging the surrounding tissue. Since IPL/VPL can be used with different wavelength filters, this system is suitable for treating a number of different skin conditions thus, makes pulsed light systems more versatile. IPL usually also have a larger spot size than laser which results in greater depth of penetration of the light and makes it much faster to work with. Although it’s commonly believed that laser is better hair removal method than IPL/VPL, a medical grade IPL can also deliver the same results as laser with less discomfort and downtime if it’s used by an experienced and qualified clinician.

What are the benefits of Laser hair removal in compare to other treatments?

Laser hair removal is a breakthrough technology that reduces your hair permanently and makes it more cost-effective in long-term. It’s also more gentle on the skin in compare to other treatments such as shaving, waxing and depilatory creams, because it avoids the risk of razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation, thus leaving the skin silky smooth finish. Laser hair removal is the best hair removal method for people who have super sensitive skin or are prone to get ingrown hairs.

Am I the right candidate?

Laser hair removal is most effective for individuals who have fair skin and dark hair. It can also treat darker skin types, but more treatments may be required as we may need to reduce the power to avoid damage to the skin. Since the laser light is attracted to the dark pigment in the hair follicle (melanin), those who have blonde or white hairs cannot achieve significant hair removal.

Is laser hair removal suitable for male?

Laser hair removal is suitable for both women and men. Common areas for female clients include underarms, legs and bikini hair removal while in male clients include chest, back and shoulders hair removal.

What happens during laser hair removal treatment?

  • The laser setting will be customised according to your skin types, hair colour and treated area.
  • You will be asked to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes.
  • Cold conducting gel is applied on your skin to prepare the area and minimise discomfort.
  • laser handpiece is moved over the treatment area to emit light-based energy in short pulses.
  • The light is being absorbed by the pigment of your hair follicles (melanin) then converted to heat which destroys the hair follicle while leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected.
  • Your treatment is finished by applying a soothing gel such as aloe vera to ease down any discomfort.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

You may feel a short burst of heat as the light reaches your hair follicles which comparable to the feeling of an elastic band snapping against your skin. Your skin may show minor erythema (redness) and oedema (swelling) around the hair follicle which are good endpoints of your treatment and will disappear in a few hours. However, application of aloe vera gel and cold compress will reduce the redness and swelling.

How long does laser hair removal treatment take?

The treatment can take as little as 5 minutes to over an hour depending on the size of the area being treated. Brazilian hair removal may take as little as 15 minutes. Your clinician will inform you the approximate treatment time in your consultation session, and you can return to your normal routine immediately after treatment with no downtime.

How many treatment do I need?

Every laser hair removal treatment, like every client, is unique. Individual treatments will vary according to skin and hair colour. Generally, after each treatment, you will see a noticeable reduction in the number of hairs that regrow in the area. On average, most people will require a minimum of 6-8 sessions.

Why do I need multiple treatments?

Each of our hair follicles goes through different growth phases at different times. Active growth cycle or Anagen phase is when a follicle has all its appendages including blood supply and hair bulb. Since the laser’s beam is attracted to the pigment in the hair, it best works when the hair is in the ‘active’ growth phase and this is why we need multiple treatments to target as much follicles as possible.

How long should I wait between sessions?

The treatment should be repeated every 4 to 8 weeks apart depending on the area and your hair growth rate as each of the hair follicles goes through different growth phases at different times. For example, face, underarms and bikini can be repeated every 4 weeks while treatment interval is 8 weeks for arms and legs.

What are the side effects or risks of laser hair removal?

Laser Hair Removal is a very safe treatment if being done by a qualified clinician. Slight swelling and redness around the hair follicle are normal which typically disappear in a short time post treatment depending on your skin type. Aloe vera gel and cold compress may be applied after the treatment to cool down the area and reduce the side effects. Risks may also include burning, blistering, skin discolouration (hyper/hypopigmentation) and scaring if incorrect setting is being used or pre and post care instructions not being followed properly.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

The cost of laser hair removal may vary from $30 to $500 per session and it depends on factors such as location of clinic, qualification of your therapist, quality of laser machine that is used and mostly the size of treatment area.

What are the after care instructions?

  • Avoid direct sun exposure, spray tan or solariums for 4 weeks after your treatment.
  • Sunscreen with minimal SPF 15+ should be applied.
  • Avoid hot shower, sauna, swimming and heavy exercise for 24 hours.
  • Be gentle when you wash and clean your treated area and keep it moisture.
  • Avoid exfoliating the area for at least 2 weeks.
  • Avoid any hair removal treatment that remove your hair from its follicle, as laser hair removal works when your hair still is intact in the follicle.

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